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Lisa will be your partner in a journey toward life balance and fulfillment. Vital Spark`s mission is to help others become who they were meant to be.

Are you are seeking meaning and purpose in your life experience?

Do you need inspiration to live in the moment and moving beyond limiting beliefs?

Are you exploring spirituality and seeking support that respects your evolving and individual beliefs?

Spirituality is a unique and personal journey. Exploring what this means in your life can align you with purpose and bring fulfillment that is not dependent on things outside self. Exploring our connection to something greater than ourselves helps us find a larger perspective and a sense of interconnection.

Lisa will be your guide and reflection on this journey. She is a certified life coach and reiki practitioner on her path to master and she shares genuinely her experience with addiction recovery and coming to embrace her own spirituality and life lessons. Her journey brought her to help others discover their higher self and the inner messages that life’s busy and sometimes chaotic times keep us from exploring.

It is time to build or deepen your relationship with something greater than yourself. Let Lisa’s Vital Spark ignite a new chapter in your life.  

Lisa is a Certified Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Speaker inspiring perspective change through mindfulness and conscious living.

Set up a consultation by calling Lisa at 905-518-3257 or email



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  1. Michael says:

    Hi there, could you tell me where in Hamilton you are located and if you do 1 on 1 chats?

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