Lisa will be your partner in a journey toward life balance and fulfillment. Vital Spark`s mission is to help others become who they were meant to be.


  • Increase self awareness and worth

  • Nurture and enhance inner guidance

  • Change limiting beliefs 

  • Eliminate destructive habits

  • Build momentum in positive attitude and perspective

  • Find resilience in crisis

  • Embrace life transitions

  • Prioritize and Focus

  • Reinforce values

  • Improve communication/relationships

  • Utilize the power of creating a journal

  • Live, Love, Laugh and Learn


Specializing in Addiction Recovery, Inner Child Workshops, Reiki Healing and Journal Coaching.

Regret for wasted time brings only more time wasted.  Set up a consultation by calling Lisa at 905-518-3257.


Email to get more information on Lisa’s services or to order THE VITAL SPARK journal.

2 Responses to

  1. Michael says:

    Hi there, could you tell me where in Hamilton you are located and if you do 1 on 1 chats?

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