Just for Today and on to Tomorrow

Flicker Behind Delusion

My spirit diluted by the chemical toxifying my brain
My heart becomes deluded, feeling so raw to pain
I close my eyes to picture the voices telling me I am not alone
Reluctant to reach for tools that feel like they’re on loan
Walking through a journey so adverse to what I dreamt
Knowing life is encouraging me toward a happiness attempt
Insanity is, that there is familiarity in escape
Then I am reminded to play out the tape
Picture darkness and loss
Alienation and shame
The chemical path is merely a game
Played against me,
To kill my spirit, quietly cruel
But guess what? I can make my own rules
For my spirit is stronger and I more clever
Just for today and on to forever.


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About vitalsparkca

Becoming more of what I want to be by helping others become who they were meant to be. Personal and Spiritual Development Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Speaker. Inspiring people to practice the values in the If Everyone... poem and motivate people to create a momentum that spreads the message around the world. https://vitalsparkca.wordpress.com/if-everyone/
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