Meditation is the simple act of learning to take time to breathe, connect and quiet reaction to thought and emotion. The more you carry meditation practice into your everyday life, the more naturally you will align your mind body and spirit and tune into your authentic inner self.

Enlightenment: Some ideas about enlightenment involve a misconception of psychic phenomenon. Enlightenment simply means that you becoming quiet and open to let the truth enter into you. It is about setting aside the voice of ego to allow authentic thoughts and ideas to enter. It is like emptying the mind of busy, purposeless thoughts to make room for beautiful, meaningful thoughts.

Happiness: Many of us look to meditation when we are stressed, disconnected or unwell. The best enlightenment can be experienced when we are full of happiness. Meditating in joyful and contented times builds energy to assist in challenging times. Connection can be deepened more purposefully from a place of harmony.

Intelligence: We are often filled up with too much information and opinion. This can become our perception of intelligence. This perception can be an obstacle in the meditation experience. The peace and light of meditation can easily enter into the consciousness of someone open to learning. An educated person or someone who feels they are all-knowing can build walls of information that disallow open-mindedness. Avoid allowing your perception of what you feel you know block the flow of wisdom that meditation can allow.

Breathing: Pattern of breathing plays a very important role in meditation. Simply finding a comfortable and natural inhale-hold-exhale, you will bring grounding and relaxation. Focusing intently at first on breathing and redirecting your mind to breath if distraction enters keeps maintains a desirable state. Use breath and visualization to let go of thought and emotion. Inhale slowly and intentionally, hold with consciousness in the moment and exhale tension and thought, feeling the spread of relaxation. Experiment with a variety of breathing techniques.

Thoughts: Thought will come and emotions may surface. Learn to become the observer of your thoughts. Do not judge or analyze. Meditation is where we learn to acknowledge thought and emotion, then let go. We need to practice being neutral to the perception of our emotions, like happiness and sadness. Become conscious of them, like watching a recording, then witness as they are released.

Intention: Begin each meditation with an intention. Your intention will manifest your thoughts into reality. The intention may simply be to benefit from meditation and mindful practice. A meditation intention may be to relax, to clear thought and emotion or to find clarity to answer questions. Intention may be to release emotional stress or heal the body.



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Becoming more of what I want to be by helping others become who they were meant to be. Personal and Spiritual Development Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Speaker. Inspiring people to practice the values in the If Everyone... poem and motivate people to create a momentum that spreads the message around the world. https://vitalsparkca.wordpress.com/if-everyone/
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