Lisa offers addiction recovery support as a natural transition in her own recovery. Helping other addicts comes from her desire to simply enhance her own life sharing the experience, strength and hope that continues in her journey from the darkness that existed in active addiction.

There is a beautiful balance between science, human spirit and positive psychology that continues to develop as Lisa challenges herself and inspires others to change perspective and outlook allowing balanced living.

You will find a safe open environment where you will come to understand the cycle of addiction and the tools for recovery. Lisa will share her own experience and passion to change the stigma that limits addicts from seeking help and healing.

Addiction is an illness of the mind, body and spirit creating a sad disconnect from humanity. Addiction and morality are all mixed up in a cycle that will insidiously kill inner self, leading to physical death when not treated.

Whether taking the first step toward recovery or deepening your dedication to recovery, committing to working with Lisa will bring new perspective  and empowerment.

The disease of addiction has a profound effect on family and friends. Before crossing the line to hard drug use, Lisa describes herself as being caught in a cycle of codepenence. Today she helps family and friends to understand from the point of view of someone who has lived both roles, what they can do to take care of themselves and support their loved ones.

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