What are chakras?

As we observe ourselves from an open minded perspective, we realize we are more than our body; we are more than our possessions, more than our friends, our community and all that influences us in the human experience. With the realization that we are from the divine, a spiritual being having a human experience, we begin to understand we are the energy that is universal existence. This energy originating at the source of creation is pure and can be manipulated with the practice of Reiki.

Many historical and religious texts refer to energy centres distributed throughout different regions of the human body. Often they are nearby major glands, organs or nerve centres in our body. These energy centres are most commonly called Chakras, a word descended from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk often expanded to spinning or swirling wheel.

Chakras can be described as junctions of source energy, where body and consciousness meet. The seven energy points aligned with the spine are typically referred to as the main chakras. There are many more secondary points throughout the body. The seven main chakras create an energy column that extends from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These areas of the body assimilate specific life energies that are universal. Universal source energy is integrated here to interact on the physical plane. This energy travels through the body along meridians that could be described as the spiritual circulatory system. Chakras communicate with aura or the energy that surrounds the body and interacts with the outside world. Each chakra has a separate purpose but flow together to create spiritual energy balance in the body.

It is as if there is an unseen body double that holds a series of spiritual systems similar to the organic systems regulating various areas of living and body function creating overall health. Living as human beings we bring this energy flow out of balance, create blocks and toxicity to the natural state. The vibration of our personal energy and the energy we come in contact with is in constant flux. Reiki heals this energy system, aligns chakras and clears meridians to promote natural energy flow. Channeling pure Reiki energy lifts energy in the body to a higher vibration healing and allowing deeper fulfillment.

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    Thanks chip very interesting

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